Regardless of whether you are working with us for the first time or are a regular client, we promise you a personalised service that meets your needs. We provide the highest quality customer service. We keep things simple and straightforward every step of the way so you can focus on achieving outcomes and not worrying about administration. 

Our blend of coaching, training and events can help you achieve your goals, and we look forward to being part of your journey

Our clients say it best

"Kirsty is a fantastic coach and mentor. She helps you to frame the issue you are facing and offers practical advice that means you leave the conversation feeling empowered to tackle your problems. Even months later, I still reflect on the conversations I have had with Kirsty and draw strength and insight from them. Kirsty is extremely empathetic, and I feel she is a true partner."

- Executive coaching client


One to one executive coaching, group coaching and team coaching for first time job hunters, those seeking promotion or career change, managers, leaders and executives and everyone in between.

Coaching Academy

Training that will provide you with a blend of theory and practise to elevate your performance as a leader, coach and colleague.

Our clients say it best

“Kirsty is a master facilitator using her advanced coaching skills and experience to lead individuals and groups through everything from the ‘where are we now’ phases seeking clarity, the ups and downs of steep learning curves to the ‘aha’ breakthrough moments! Kirsty really senses the room to guide everyone through the hardest and the most rewarding phases of learning to meaningful outcomes.”

- Transforming Conversations Participant


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