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(Almost) everything you need to know about values is included in this edition.

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Chances are, if you've been working from home over the last year something will have tested your values and pushed your boundaries. And if you subscribe to this newsletter, then I am preaching to the converted about the importance of knowing your values and showing up at work in ways that are aligned with them. This edition is a mixed bag of content to for you to watch, read, listen to or practice - I hope you enjoy this months WRAP!

Short Watch: A brief look at what a value is and why people and organisations make mistakes with them.
It's no surprise that many organisations don't live up to the values they communicate to the world. For example, Volkswagen's mission statement had two parts: "We assume responsibility regarding the environment, safety and social issues" and "we act with integrity and build on reliability, quality and passion as the foundation of our work". So how then in 2014 were Volkswagen found to be cheating emission tests? It doesn't sound very much like 'integrity" or 'assuming responsibility for the environment'.
Simon Sinek's quick video describes what a value is and what can go wrong when organisations don't back up those values with rewards, recognition and behaviours (hint - this is the hardest part!).

Read: A tale of values in conflict
Settle in for this longer read - especially if you are a Billy Porter fan. If you are unfamiliar with his work, Billy is the Emmy winning star of Pose and a host of other Broadway productions. In May 2021, his interview with the Hollywood Reporter entitled "This Is What HIV-Positive Looks Like Now" describes values in conflict.
The article describes a fourteen-year battle between his value of authenticity versus the shame, stigma, and backlash he expected being a black man living with HIV. His reflections about his relationship with his mum moved me, particularly the tremendous burden, anxiety and stress that comes from not living in alignment with your values. It's a beautifully written article that is reflective and hopeful in equal measure.

Audio: Is radical honesty the best policy?
Many of us have being trustworthy or honest as one of our top values. In this podcast, Peter Kozodoy, author of Honest to Greatness, describes honesty on steroids - weaponising honesty as a leadership attribute. I used to work for someone who wore radical honesty as a badge of honour, and it was confronting and sometimes cruel. So you can understand, I approached this with caution! Be warned; he has an 'interesting' style! But, overall, I enjoyed the challenge of considering whether I have accidentally shaved the edges off my honesty in a bid to harmonise and compromise. The reframing of radical honesty as the intention to be clear and not to hurt people was also helpful. So, give it a listen, and let me know how you get on!

Practice: When did you last check in with your values?
If you want to think more deeply about your values, how to behave when they get challenged, and how to articulate your values to others, then our next leadership masterclass will be right up your street. We will work through a structured process to develop, refine and share your values. You can read more about Knowing, naming and living your values. You can also explore a scholarship place if you would love to participate but perhaps can't afford it right now. Hopefully, we will see you there!

If you are not starting from scratch then Brene Brown has some great resources on her website to help revising and reaffirm your own values and the values of teams you are working with. Yup - we almost made it through one edition of The Wrap without mentioning BB - but not quite!

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