I have coached and consulted with individuals and organisations for over twelve years, in the UK and Australia. During that time, I have worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations to help them achieve their goals. My consulting work means I get to peek behind the curtains of organisations and learn how they work. Understanding 

what makes organisations and their leaders tick makes me a better coach for my clients. And being a coach makes me a better consultant. As well as seeing coaching clients, I also lead the Simply Coaching team and deliver our training and development programmes.

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About Kirsty Elderton 


I started my career in customer service, and through a combination of determination, investing in my own development - and a little bit of luck, I rose through the ranks. I have worked at executive levels in government, led the development of a new digital and design agency in Australia and am currently a principal at a global management consulting firm, Nous Group where I lead the experience design practice. I am also on the board of the Not for Profit One Ball who support young people with their physical and mental health through sport and I lead and run Simply Coaching. I love having a portfolio career and find learnings in one area of my life can easily be applied in another.  


My diverse experience means I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of leadership. I have learnt some lessons along the way, and now specialise in working with people who want to change their careers or level up their performance to achieve their full potential. 

I have coached and built the capability of Chief Executives, Directors, Managers, Frontline Workers and everyone in between. As a result, my coaching style is direct, positive and future-focussed - working in partnership every step of the way.

Through my consulting work I have coached and led teams through the design process. My design work has included employee and customer experience design using co-design and other design methodologies. I am an expert facilitator and have supported organisations to deliver tangible results including increased sales, employee and customer satisfaction and creating psychological and culturally safe environments to work in.


Kirsty is a master facilitator using her advanced coaching skills and experience to lead individuals and groups through everything from the ‘where are we now’ phases seeking clarity, the ups and downs of steep learning curves to the ‘aha’ breakthrough moments!

I am thrilled to have been offered the job! Thank you again for the coaching - it was instrumental in helping me clarify my goals and direction, and how to articulate that during my 'career change' process.

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