I am an experienced coach and am passionate about creating space for individuals and organisations to create clarity that helps move them forward and make meaningful change. I have been coaching for over fourteen years and believe it has a unique and important role to play, particularly as the world recovers, transitions and discovers a new normal amidst and post-pandemic.

My experience has particularly come from working in the diverse and energising urban setting of Luton where I worked as National Director of  Youthscape. During my two years in Sydney I worked at Global Sisters, where I was privileged to work with and coach emerging female leaders as they kickstarted their businesses. 

For Simply Coaching you will find me doing one to one coaching, facilitating our coaching foundation course Transforming Conversations and supporting Coaching Intensives as well as some of our skills development courses.  

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I have been coaching and consulting in different forms for the last 14 years.


Most recently in Sydney, I was working for Global Sisters, partnering with underemployed and unemployed women to help them start their own businesses and overseeing the innovative business education ’Sister School’ and the online community.


Before that, I was the National Director at Youthscape in UK, and worked there for 8.5 years coaching, training, presenting at conferences and carrying out consultancy work with not for profits. 


After relocating to Sydney the pandemic caused my family to think again, and my husband and I, with our three-year-old, decided to move back to UK nearer family. We have since watched so many others undertake reviews of their own. Those around us are asking what am I living for? Is it time to make a change or invest my time and energy differently? What do I want my new normal to look like? I believe coaching has something very unique to offer in this time of unprecedented change and transition. 

I feel most alive when I am coaching and when I am training and watching others feel empowered to make a change, to be honest it’s about as exciting as it gets - cheesy but true! 

Alex is a deeply reflective coach and has helped me create clarity out of a lot of fuzziness in my head. She listens carefully and has a knack of asking just the right the thing in the right way to help me see things differently. I have really got a lot out of my coaching sessions with Alex - highly recommend. 

Alex is a great facilitator - she is generous and shares her stories of what went well and not so well so we can all learn from her. 

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