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I have been coaching in the UK and further afield for over thirty years and have seen the transformative power of coaching in the clients and organisations that I work with. I am the Managing Partner of 3D coaching in the UK and act as an advisor, supervisor and mentor to the Simply Coaching team. More recently I have focussed on how to simplify coaching so that it can be even more transformative. I spend most of my time now coaching, training coaches and supervising and mentoring coaches to improve the standards of coaching in the UK and further afield. I believe coaching is positive and future focussed and this is a gift the world needs now more than ever. When I am not coaching I can be found reading, writing, podcasting and camping - usually with coffee in hand!

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I could say that I am a human who facilitates other people’s thinking. I am a business owner. I am a mother. A friend. A volunteer. A Master Coach with over 11000 hours experience. Author of Simplifying Coaching  All of these are true and  each will impact how we start a conversation. With some definitions you might assign me power which I do not deserve. I’m interested in how we hold presence in coaching and work in partnership in spite of power differences.

I am a Master Certified Coach who has been coaching for over 30 years. I specialise in systemic executive coaching, mentor coaching, coaching supervision and training coaches. My style is very simple and I have helped organisations to develop simplicity in their internal coaches.


As a coach, I work with you to get you to the heart of issues enabling you to achieve transformational change in the context of your life, relationships and your organisation. I work in a supportive and challenging way, using simple questions that respect your world without allowing you to avoid difficult topics or insights.  The feedback I receive confirms that people appreciate my 'less is more style'.  


I also - along with input from my colleagues and clients developed the coaching container and STOKeRS metamodel delivered as part of the Transforming Conversations coaching foundation course. Kirsty and I have worked together over many years and I am delighted to be able to support the development of exceptional coaching in Australia and other Asia Pacific countries. 

Claire has an amazing knack for keeping things simple and getting to the heart of the matter quickly.


Her questions unlock new insights that have helped me tremendously as I stretch myself and learn to grow as a coach - thank you Claire!

Supervision with Claire is so helpful - it strikes the balance of challenging me while also helping me take better care of myself.

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My latest book Simplifying Coaching is available now.


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