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Coaching Foundation Course | 30 training hours toward ICF accreditation


Join a group of like-minded people who share your passion for mastering coaching skills and learning to coach at the highest level. The coaching industry is growing, and with more 'life' coaches than ever before, it's vital to master the coaching skills that will make you an excellent coach and leader. 

On Transforming Conversations you will learn to coach by coaching. You will learn just enough supporting theory, get lots of practice through our coaching intensives and connect, learn, share and receive feedback in a supportive environment. This all-in-one approach will make you an exceptional coach whether you are starting a career as a coach or integrating a coaching style into your role. 

Tuesday 9th August 2022,

7pm to 9pm AEST

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Three elements to your learning

Coaching Intensives

A closer look

I loved the way the group worked together - it played well to my values of collaboration and sharing. I really appreciated the sharing of personal stories that brought to life the sort of situations we might encounter doing this work.


The Simply Coaching team will teach you core coaching competencies aligned to ICF standards supporting you to practice excellence in coaching safely and ethically, putting you on the right track to certify as a coach. The coach training you receive will provide you with a solid foundation to grow your own coaching practice working with people on relationships, career change, leadership and more. 

Our course is designed around the principles of how adults learn best, and each live online session comprises theory, practice, feedback, and reflection. You will also participate in a coaching session with one of our accredited coaches so you will be crystal clear on next steps.

The course is delivered entirely online, no travel required

The entire program is delivered live online so that you can participate from home or work.
​We will share the training manual, journal and other resources before the course starts.


Rather than digitise our content, we deliver all training hours live online. We know our students learn best when they can speak with experienced coaches, practice and apply learning in the moment. We will also pair you with a learning buddy for check-ins and support throughout the program. You will also receive a one-hour coaching session with an accredited coach to experience high-quality coaching. 

We will work together for two hours each week for twelve weeks. In each session, we will work through theory, application and feedback for each module. At the middle and the end of the course, we will also have two coaching intensives to apply all you have learnt in longer practice sessions. Each participant will receive written feedback with focus areas for improvement. 

This course absolutely exceeded my expectations. Because Kirsty and Alex are so experienced I saw fluency, calm and partnership in structure and content planning. I appreciated the tools and exercises that focused my intentions for the sessions and the practical applications. I appreciated the invitation to get out of my comfort zone.

What's included? 
Live Online Learning

All of your classes are included. There are twelve modules each covering an aspect of coaching aligned to ICF competencies.

Coaching Intensives

Coaching is a skill that's mastered by practice. Coaching Intensives are focused time for practice and feedback.

Reflective Circles

In our first class we will create a reflective circle - a small group of participants to share learning, reflect and support each other along the way. 

Personal Coaching


Every participant has a coaching session valued at $195 with one of our coaches to experience exceptional coaching.



As well as getting all the course materials you will also receive a copy of Claire Pedrick's book Simplifying Coaching.

Know that coaching is for you 

You can reserve your place now.

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