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Group coaching using Action Learning Methodology | 10 training hours toward ICF accreditation | Delivered in Partnership with 3D Coaching


Group coaching is an increasingly popular and powerful way to work with people to improve their wellbeing, personal strengths, performance and create new awareness. Aside from cost savings, group coaching has many benefits, including problem-solving while building fluency in active listening, collaboration, powerful questioning, asking for, receiving, giving feedback and much more. 

At Simply Coaching, we use Action Learning methodology for group coaching. Groups are composed of four to eight people, and ideally, have diverse backgrounds and experiences. Each group member has time allocated to present their topic for thinking about. The group uses coaching techniques to create new awareness and insights that help the presenter move forward. Every group member takes a turn to present. The group facilitator has a vital role in holding the process and creating cultural and psychological safety for the group to do the work it needs to do. 

This course teaches participants how to establish cultural and psychological safety and to facilitate the Action Learning process. It is an experiential course, and by the end of our time together, you will be fluent in facilitating group coaching sessions using Action Learning. 

Thursday 14th September 2023

18:00 - 20:30

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Three elements to your learning

Coaching Intensives

A closer look

I was nervous about group coaching online, but by the end, I was a convert!  Finally, I could see how I could offer online group coaching as a service to my clients and still deliver high quality and insightful experiences. 



The Simply Coaching team will teach you all you need to know to successfully lead and facilitate group coaching sessions using Action Learning methodology. The mindset, toolset and skillset you will learn and practice align with ICF core competencies and can support you in your journey to accredit as a coach. 


Our course is designed around the principles of how adults learn best, and each live online session comprises theory, practice, feedback, and reflection. The approach is experiential, so every participant will play every role and receive strengths-based feedback to support individual learning and growth. 

The course is delivered entirely online, no travel required

The entire program is delivered live online so that you can participate from home or work.
​We will share the training manual, journal and other resources before the course starts.


Rather than digitise our content, we deliver all training hours live online. We know our students learn best when they can speak with experienced coaches, practice and apply learning in the moment. We will also pair you with a learning buddy for check-ins and support throughout the program.  

We will work together for 2.5 hours each week for four weeks. In each session, we will work through theory, application and feedback for core group coaching competencies.

Kirsty and Alex provided just the right amount of structure to get us going, and then the experiential learning took over. The group environment was a great space to learn in. And everyone on the course was so generous and supportive with their feedback that I felt ready to put everything into action by the end. 

What we will cover 
 Psychological and Cultural Safety 

Creating the right environment for the group to do the work it needs to - safely.

Action Learning

Learning the theory, the process and how to put the learning into action. 

Group Coaching Techniques 

Group coaching techniques that include active listening, creating awareness, powerful questioning and more 

Facilitation Techniques For Groups


All the skills, hints and tips you need to partner and guide participants through a group coaching experience.

The Practical Stuff and Logistics

How to contract for and establish an Action Learning Set for Group Coaching.

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