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We believe coaching should be optimistic and future focused and we take this philosophy into all of our coaching work. We promise to work in partnership with you, supporting you or your organisation to achieve the goals important to you. 


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A single coaching appointment lasting for one hour that will help you think deliberately about something important to you. One hour might not seem like a long time - but you will be amazed how far you can travel when we focus in the right way.


Ongoing coaching relationship - POA

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You might need regular coaching because of the demands of your role, you've changed your career, or you are at a transition point. If you think this might be for you, then get in touch, and we can talk through what would be right for you. 


Co-design coaching - POA

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Co-design coaching will help you and your organisation build capability in co-design. We learn by integrating learning into doing and regular reflective practice. We coach the skillset, toolset, and mindset to co-design safely and competently at every stage of the design process. 


Career change coaching package - $395

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Three coaching appointments, each lasting one hour. In the first session, we'll plan your next move. In the second, we'll develop your resume - tailoring it for the job. Finally, we will prepare you for the interview and give you the best chance of success. 


Group coaching $565 per person/per program

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Group coaching is a small group with something in common  (e.g. all HR business partners) that come together for six coaching sessions in twelve months. Each session is two hours with six participants. Everyone gets individual attention, and learns from each other.


Innovation Coaching - POA

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Many organisations are looking to innovation to respond to Covid. Our innovation coaches work with you individually or with your organisation. We lean on Human Centred Design, Agile and other methodologies to help you or your organisation achieve its innovation goals and ambitions. 

I was able to articulate what's important to me in a new venture. This is something I've struggled to really pin down. After coaching with Kirsty it was clear to me what was important, and how I should approach this work.
Joanne - One off coaching session