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Welcome to Simply Coaching

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What makes Simply Coaching distinctive?


More people are consulting 'life coaches' than ever before. Performance coaching is replacing performance management, and team coaching is being used in organisations to help teams achieve high performance quickly. However, as the number of coaches grow, so it seems does the complexity. There is a plethora of information, organisations and individual coaches all describing the next new thing in coaching. 

We have been coaching in the UK and Australia for over ten years now, and while our tools and techniques have adjusted to reflect emerging research and best practice, our core value has stayed the same. Coaching is most powerful when it is simple, safe and get's to the heart of the matter. In our experience, when we create a safe and brave enough environment for people to think and uncover new insight that enables them to move forward - usually they do. 

We take the same philosophy into our training programmes and find that much of our time is spent unlearning the habits that get in the way of people doing their own thinking. All of our training programmes are aligned to the International Coaching Federation's core competencies, so if you are working toward accreditation we can help you with that. 

As well as our coaching work, we listen carefully and share generously through our events program and articles that support the development of high-quality coaching in Australia and further afield. 

Meet the team

Kirsty Elderton

CEO, coach, trainer and facilitator

Kirsty has been coaching for over ten years in the UK and Australia and also leads the design practice at Nous Group.

Claire Pedrick MCC

Coach, supervisor, author

Claire is the managing partner of 3D coaching in the UK and acts as a special advisor to Simply Coaching.

Iacob Bacian


Iacob is a qualified coach and has worked with people from across the globe to help them achieve their goals.

Alex Drew

Coach, trainer and facilitator

Alex is an experienced coach and facilitator working with not for profits, start ups and young people.

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