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Know, name and live your values

Mini Course | 4 Hours toward ICF accreditation Maximum 8 participants

  • Ended
  • 95 Australian dollars
  • Zoom


Knowing naming and living your values It's almost impossible to look at Linked In, Twitter or any leadership content these days without coming across words like authentic, self-aware or values-based leadership. But what does it mean, and how many of us know - I mean really know - what our values are and how to live and work in alignment with them? How often have you considered how your values influence your ethical stance as a leader, coach, colleague or mentor? For most of us, we only see and feel our values when a boundary is crossed. And when it happens, it can leave us with feelings that range from discomfort, resentment, and perhaps worst not knowing what to do next. By the end of this workshop, you will know and have named your values and understood the boundaries necessary to keep your values intact. And, perhaps most importantly of all, you will have practiced communicating your values to others. Aligning your values with your behaviours, decision making and treatment of others will produce satisfaction, a sense of integrity and fulfilment that you might not have experienced before. Doing the work on your values now will help stem future feelings of being taken advantage of or not being appreciated in your role. And it is not as hard as you might think. Small Groups for focused learning This work does require a willingness to reflect, share and be vulnerable with other people. If this isn't you - this isn't your class. We keep the groups small for focused learning and to create a safe space for people to contribute and do the work they need to do. What we will cover Session 1 By the end of the first session, you will understand why knowing your values is so important and the benefit it can bring to your work and life. Together, we will learn some frameworks to unlock and identify your values and describe them confidently to others. There is no formal homework, but we ask that you spend some time noticing your values in action and when your values are challenged. The 'noticing' will help refine your values in week two. Session 2 We will consider your learning between the sessions and spend some time refining your values from Session 1. Then, we will quickly move on to learning and practicing strategies and techniques that will help you to defend your values and hold your boundaries when they come under pressure. Together both sessions will help you live and work in alignment with the things more important to you.

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Beach Street, Port Melbourne VIC, Australia

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