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Beginner's Guide to Accreditation

Everything you need to know about coaching accreditations.

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If you are reading this my hunch is that you have been overwhelmed by the number and diversity of coaching courses and accreditations out there. Join us for a FREE 45 minute information session and we will demystify it all for you and by the end of our time together you'll know whether accreditation is right for you. Coaching is a multi-million dollar industry More people than ever are calling themselves life coaches, organisations are investing in performance coaching over performance management and many organisations are considering team coaching as a way to achieve high performance more quickly - with coaches playing a similar role to a sports coach. Coaching skills are as relevant for leaders as they are for people who make their living from coaching. Like any emerging industry there are some teething problems along the way. Coaching is growing but it is still largely unregulated. This means anyone, even someone with little to no training, can call themselves a coach. It can be tricky working out whether to invest in developing coaching skills and pursuing a coaching accreditation. Many of the common questions asked include: - does a coaching accreditation reassure your future clients that you are appropriately trained, experienced and receiving the necessary supervision to keep yourself and your clients safe? - how do I know where to train - there are courses for $7 through to $3000 how do I know what's right for me? - as a leader does a coaching accreditation add value or do I need to focus on skill development If you have questions like these and more the Beginner's Guide to Accreditation can help During this free forty-five minute session, we will work through the different accreditation options, explore the hallmarks of a good course, and by the end, you will be clear on the best path forward for you. We will take a close look at the different: accreditation bodies and their approaches to coaching competencies, quality standards and ethics levels of commitment required by each accrediting body courses and how to find the right training pathway that meets your needs (and weed out the terrible ones to save your time and money) questions and concerns you might have Bring all of your questions and we'll do our very best to answer them!

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