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How to add certificates to your LinkedIn Profile

Updated: May 21, 2022

Adding Transforming Conversations to your LinkedIn profile is a great way to demonstrate your new knowledge and skills to your network, future employers and other linked in users.
And, it is super easy to do!
Here's how

1. Log on to LinkedIn and click on your profile picture

2.Click on the Add profile section button right under your cover photo

3. Then select Background → Licenses & certifications. If this is your first certificate click the + button and the Licenses and certifications category will be added to your profile.

4. An Add license or certification form will appear for you to complete the details.

Name: Transforming Conversations - Coaching Foundation Course
Issuing Organisation - Hello@SimplyCoaching
Issue Date - the date on your certificate
Credential ID - Leave blank
Credential URL:

5. Since LinkedIn no longer shares changes to Licenses & certifications to your network, make sure you share your achievement with a separate post. Go to your homepage, write an update, and share it with your network.

Easy peasy!
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