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April Newsletter

Updated: May 21, 2022

Resetting has been a central theme for many of us.

It's not uncommon to feel a bit out of sorts as we adjust to life after lockdowns. You might be juggling working from home, getting back into the office, school drop offs, family obligations, and social commitments. So if you're feeling frazzled and like you could use a reset, this post is for you.

Things to help you reset:

1) Showing gratitude - The science shows that practicing gratitude daily can positively change the way we approach life's ups and downs. I am grateful to the fantastic team at Simply Coaching, who show up consistently to deliver excellent work for our clients. Thank you!

2) Space and time to have an honest conversation with yourself. Over recent months, many coaching clients have reflected on the value of dedicated space and time to think. Naming the things that buzz around in your head is a useful first step to resetting - even when - perhaps, especially when - action needs to come later.

3) Balancing focus on self and focus on others. Self-care, good rest, good nutrition, and exercise are vital to resetting. However, so is a focus on others, being kind to other people, helping if you can - keeping grounded, staying humble, and having perspective is a pretty great middle ground to aim for in our book.

It is far more important that one's life should be perceived than that it should be transformed, for no sooner has it been perceived than it transforms itself of its own accord. — Maurice Maeterlinck


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Absolutely impressed with how much I got from Transforming Conversations - the concepts and models have become so clear and implementable, it feels like I got lifelong skills that I can never forget and always improve on, like I was given the tools and parts that I now know how to put together. - Product Designer and Design Coach, London
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