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An introduction to coaching course that will provide you with the basic skills you need to start having coaching style conversations in your organisation. 

  • 4 x 2 hour sessions delivered live online

  • 8 hours toward ICF accreditation

  • $495


Transforming Conversations is the foundation to becoming an excellent coach. Aligned with ICF competencies it will give you everything you need to master the art of coaching.

  • 12 x 2 hour online classes

  • 6 hours of coaching intensives

  • 30 hours toward ICF accreditation

  • $1995


Mentor Coaching Package for ICF Accreditation

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Aspiring coaches who are working towards ICF credentials need to complete seven hours of group mentor coaching and three individual mentor coaching sessions. Our all inclusive package can support you to achieve ICF accreditation.

  • 10 hours toward ICF accreditation

  • Max 4 people per group

  • $995


Manager / Leader as Coach Training Course

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A course designed to help managers and leaders to practice and integrate coaching skills into their way of working and leading teams.

  • 4 x 2 hour sessions delivered live on line

  • 8 hours toward ICF accreditation

  • $495


Challenging Coaching Course 

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Challenging coaching is for coaches who want to take their skills to the next level. We will cover how to get to the heart of the matter in ways that are both high support and high challenge.

  • 4 x 2 hour online classes

  • Supporting resources

  • 8 hours toward ICF accreditation

  • $495


Setting up your coaching business

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Two essential workshops that will help your business get off to a great start. The first is a workshop to design your business and the second is a tech lab to help you know exactly what technology you need to invest in to support your business to grow

  • 2 hour kick start workshop

  • 1 hour tech lab 

  • $395 or free if you are a Transforming Conversations participant.

Kirsty's amazing way to make me feel comfortable was what attracted me to the course, I have always been interested in coaching but I wasn't sure what to expect. I loved the way everything was broken down to do things simply and I learnt that often simple is best - what a relief.
Maria - Transforming Conversations